Mushroom Toadstool Patch

Mushrooms have been around on our planet for 1.5 billion years. They have been used as a source of food, medicine and other magical healing purposes. Shaman's from indigenous cultures have used psyhcoactive mushrooms as a way of connecting to a higher consciousness or Spirit World. These kind of rituals have been used in so many different cultures including the Maya, Egyptian and Celtic civilisations where the Mushroom has been called "The flesh of the Gods."


These patches are handprinted onto 100% cotton with fabric ink. Fabric ink is machine washable. You can sew the patch onto your rucksack, jacket pocket or hat! Sewn with cotton African and Indian Sari fabrics onto hessian.

9 x 10cm in size. Available in a rainbow of colours.

Every print is slightly different because they are handmade. Over time the pattern fabric and hessian border will fray a little but this compliments it's natural aesthetic!


All orders will be sent within 1-2 business days via Royal Mail First Class postage.
Returns unavailable.

Mushroom Toadstool Patch