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Kelburn Garden Party 2023

Poster design for Samedia Shebeen stage takeover at Kelbirn Garden Party.


Grupo Bongar 2023

Mural painted in Olinda, Brazil for Grupo Bongar's cultural centre, inspired by the album cover 'Macumbadaboa'.


Meadows in the Mounatins 2022 + 2023

Trading at Meadows in the Mountains festival with a Tattoo Stall in Bulgaria.


Kelburn Garden Party 2022

Poster design for Samedia Shebeen stage takeover at Kelbirn Garden Party.


Escape Roots 2021

Artwork for Escape Roots and XL Mad's single 'Can't Hold We Down'.

Can't Hold We Down - yellow.png

Love Carnival 2022

Designing advertisements for Love Carnival events in London.


Super Weird Substance 2020

Interview with record label 'Super Weird Substance'

super weird.jpg

Makara Therapy 2020

Logo and merchandise designs for Makara Therapy.


Meadows in the Mountains 2019

Tattoo Stall set up at Meadows in the Mountians festival in Bulgaria.


Milo's Temple 2019

Logo and merchandise branding designs for Milo's Temple.

Milo's Print with Text.png

Super Weird Substance 2020

Print designed for 'Love' single. Released with record Label 'Super Weird Substance'

love print.jpg

Grupo Bongar + Maga Bo 2019

Album cover 'Macumbadaboa' designed for Grupo Bongar and Maga Bo for Kafundo Records.

Macumbadaboa 1500 px.png

Samedia Shebeen 2019

Album cover for Samedia Shebeen's first compilation 'Sound of Samedia - Vol 1'

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